Operating in the aerospace, defense, and security sector, Terma supports customers and partners all over the world. With more than 1,100 committed employees worldwide, we develop and manufacture mission-critical products and solutions that meet our customer’s needs and requirements.

SCANTER 2600 Series (Naval Surveillance Radar)

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scanter_01The SCANTER 2600 radar series is an X-band, 2D, fully coherent pulse compression radar, based on Solid State transmitter technology with digital software-defined functionality. The outdoor transceiver unit is a ruggedized design for up-mast installation to minimize waveguide loss between antenna and transceiver. All interfaces, processing and tracking are embedded in the up-mast unit.

SCANTER 6000 (Naval Surveillance Radar)

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scanter_a1The SCANTER 6000 radar series offers superior detection and tracking capabilities of small surface targets and of air targets in the near lower airspace around the vessel. The Surface Surveillance capabilities of the SCANTER 6000 series are ideal for search-andrescue operations and law enforcement tasks, e.g. control of illegal immigration, smugglers, and piracy. Thus, the SCANTER 6000 series is a major contributor to the Situational Awareness picture for all types of vessels from Border Police and Patrol Vessels to Frigates.

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