Silt Curtains

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Canadyne Silt Curtains are floating barriers made of extremely durable high strength coated fabrics (impervious or pervious). Curtains incorporate foam filled floatation logs, and a fabric skirt with galvanized chain ballast in a fully enclosed pocket.

Features and Benefits:

  • High strength PVC or geotextile fabrics, high visibility.
  • Fully welded seams, sealed foam filled floatation freeboard.
  • Optional cable upper tension members for demanding applications.
  • Bottom tension member galvanized steel chain ballast in a fully enclosed pocket. Typical section length 50 feet.
  • Wide range of sizes (freeboard and curtain depth) available.
  • Corrosion resistant extruded aluminum Universal slide end connectors.
  • Sections can be connected and disconnected without tools.
  • Skirts grommeted for lacing together below waterline.

Application Guide

Canadyne Silt Curtains are in preventing silt and sediment migration into water courses and are commonly used at construction and industrial sites.

Curtains can be made with a variety of fabrics and options to suit all applications (impervious PVC or perviousgeotextiles, additional tension members, anchor points, etc.)

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