Underwater Acoustics & Drones

RTsys is specialised in passive and active underwater acoustics and drones. We have more than 30 years of expertise and extensive business experience in the development of high-tech products. Our innovations are used not only in the civil sector, but also for defence, and are equipped with SDA (Synchronous Data Acquisition) technology, developed by our R&D team.

Within a context of increased monitoring of the marine environment, in connection with reducing noise pollution, we are the front-runners in acoustic monitoring, following huge investment in research and development, and in cooperation with the scientific community.

Our recognised expertise in the defence sector and close collaboration with the French Navy enable us to develop innovative underwater detection tools and drones for use in anti-submarine warfare.


for Anti-Submarine Warfare training



APV-RT is an autonomous, recoverable, acoustic and magnetic target dedicated to ASW training. It is operable for all kinds of platforms such as surface ships, submarines, helicopters and ASW aircraft. Navigation and multiple types of training modes such as passive, active and combined acoustics can be programmed. The target can also operate in Magnetic Anomaly Detection mode with a specific antenna connected to the APV-RT. APV-RT is easy to operate and recover and is reconfigurable in one hour. The products are subject to export control restrictions. ( Download PDF for more infoor visit us at www.rtsys.eu.

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