Multi Skimmer

Canadyne Technologies Inc.

The Canadyne Multi Skimmer is a high efficiency, oleophilic skimmer for the removal of oil that is floating on water. 1230/1 skimmer package shown above (complete with drum skimming module, power pack, hose set and hydraulically driven, detachable discharge pump).

Features and Benefits:

  • Choice of Disk, Drum or Brush type skimming modules to suit wide variety of oils and conditions
  • Modular design minimizes cost and allows for optimum skimming of a variety of products.
  • Stand alone or on-board pump (detachable) for effective pumping of viscous fluids and maximum versatility.
  • Rugged all aluminum construction, powder coated for hi visibility..
  • Various sizes and capacities available.
  • Hydraulically driven with choice of diesel, gasoline or electric power packs.

Application Guide

Use anywhere oil is to be removed from the surface of water. Oleophilic technology will remove approx. 98% pure oil.

Small units ideal for plant use (separating ponds, API separators) with larger units ideal for oil spill response operations.

Use for a wide range of oil viscosities, from light oils to heavy crudes.



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Canadyne Multi Skimmer Data Sheet

Canadyne Technologies Inc.

Multi Skimmer 1230/2 shown with dual Brush skimming modules.

Multi Skimmer 1218/1 (with disk skimming module) in diesel oil spill.

Multi Skimmers shown with disk, brush and drum skimming modules installed and diesel/hydraulic power packs.

Standard Features

• Interchangeable skimming modules
• Modules interchanged in seconds without use of any tools
• Disk, drum and brush modules available
• Module rotation reversible for debris clearance
• Welded aluminum skimmer body
• Powder coat finish for durability and ease of cleaning
• Carry handles
• Removable debris screen
• Unobstructed oil flow path (no sharp bends, easy cleaning after use)
• 3” (75mm) Camlock male discharge fitting
• Brass quick-disconnect hydraulic fittings
• Export crating
• Full factory support for spares, repairs and technical assistance

Optional Features

• Hydraulically driven, detachable discharge pump (attached directly to skimmer
discharge fitting)
• Diesel, gasoline or electric driven suction pumps (shore or boat-mounted)
• TEMA stainless steel hydraulic fittings
• Variety of discharge fitting styles and sizes

Recommended Spares

• Hydraulic quick disconnect set
• Skimming module scraper set