Boom Reel

Canadyne Technologies Inc.

The Canadyne Boom Reel is used for the storage, transportation and
deployment of reelable booms. Hydraulic drive permits deployment and
recovery of oil booms without intense manual labor.

Features and Benefits:

  • Custom built, available in a wide range of sizes.
  • Rugged, welded marine grade aluminum construction.
  • Heavy duty direct-drive hydraulic drive system.
  • Controls (reel speed and direction, emergency bypass) can be reel
    mounted, or located on separate power unit.
  • Solid end flanges for safe operation.
  • Available with diesel, gasoline or electric power packs.
  • Convenient forklift pockets and lifting eyes.

Application Guide

Use the rugged and durable BoomReel for reliable storage and deployment of a wide variety of Canadyne oil containment booms.

Can be mounted on docks, or vessels—easily transportable. Can run off ship or existing hydraulics, or auxiliary power unit.

Greatly reduces time and labor required for deployment and recovery of oil booms.



Canadyne Technologies Inc.

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Canadyne Boom Reel Data Sheet

Canadyne Technologies Inc.

BoomReel 84144 showing solid core and solid end flanges.

BoomReel 7296 showing direct-drive hydraulic drive motor and emergency bypass control.

BoomReels may be trailer-mounted for ease of transportation from storage location to spill site.

Standard Features

• Heavy duty 1/4 in (6.3mm) wall box-section aluminum frame
• Reel core rolled from 1/4 in (6.3mm) aluminum plate
• Solid end flanges for maximum safety
• Fully welded construction
• Direct-drive hydraulic drive system (no exposed rotating parts) provides maximum safety and requires no maintenance (unlike chain drive systems)
• Fully reversible, variable speed reel rotation when using Canadyne Hydraulic Power Packs
• Fork-lift pockets on models up to 144” (366cm) long
• Bolting flanges for permanent mounting to dock, vessel or trailer
• Tie down flanges for secure operation in non-permanent situations
• Lifting eyes (spreader bar recommended)
• Bypass control allows for reel rotation without hydraulic power
• Brass quick-disconnect hydraulic fittings
• Full factory support for spares, repairs and technical assistance

Optional Features

• Full set of reel-mounted controls to allow use of ship’s hydraulics or other
source of hydraulic power
• Weather cover
• ISO storage container
• Transport trailers
• Spreader bar for overhead lifting

Recommended Spares/Accessories

• Weather cover (to protect boom if stored outdoors)
• Spare hydraulic quick-disconnect set