AirBoom SCS (Single Chamber Inflatable)

Canadyne Technologies Inc.

Canadyne AirBoom SCS is a unique inflatable boom which combines the benefits of a pressure inflatable boom with the safety and reliability of a foam filled boom. The design ensures the boom maintains positive buoyancy at all times. The boom cannot sink, and can be fully deployed and offer effective initial containment even prior to inflation. Storage on boom reels allows for easy deployment, retrieval and transportation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Built in positive buoyancy (polyethylene floatation).
  • Foam floatation allows for deployment prior to inflation.
  • High flow check valves for rapid inflation and deflation.
  • Wide range of sizes and fabric choices for any application or budget.
  • Single Chamber design for fast, simple, effective deployment.
  • ASTM or Universal Slide style marine grade aluminum boom connectors to mate with existing equipment inventories.

Application Guide

AirBoom SCS (Single Chamber, Solid Float) is an excellent option for areas where conditions (frequent use, limited manpower, etc.) dictate the use of a reelable boom. Perfect for storage on elevated docks at marine terminals or as a readily transportable response package when stored on trailer mounted boom reels.

Can be inflated with high volume, low pressure backpack inflators, or integrated reel mounted hydraulic blower.



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Canadyne AirBoom SCS Data Sheet

Canadyne Technologies Inc.

High buoyancy ensures AirBoom is suitable for use in a wide range of conditions, including open water.

AirBoom has very compact storage dimensions, especially when stored on powered boom reels.

AirBoom inflated using backpack air blowers. High flow Monsun valves provide for rapid inflation/deflation.

Standard Features

• High quality 22 oz/yd2 (750 gsm) PVC fabric
• All seams radio-frequency (RF) welded
• Marine grade extruded aluminum ASTM style end connectors
• 82 foot (25m) section length
• Inflatable buoyancy chamber, full length
• Internal solid PE foam buoyancy
• Monsun XII inflation/deflation valve at each end
• Pressure relief valve
• Black webbing handles at connectors, (additional handles optional)
• Hot dipped galvanized ballast chain in fully enclosed pocket with drain holes
• Stainless steel hardware / fasteners
• Anchor points at midpoint and each end
• Full factory support for spares, repairs and technical assistance

Optional Features

• Upgrade to heavier 28 oz/yd2 (950 gsm) PVC or to a polyurethane fabric for increased abrasion resistance
• Universal-type or Shotgun-type aluminum end connectors
• Custom sizes, section lengths
• Custom screening of client name, logo or identifying marks

Recommended Accessories

• Inflation blowers
• Towing Bridle and Tow Line
• Anchor Assembly systems

Storage Options

• Boom reels, storage/deployment containers, trailers