SCANTER 6000 Naval Surveillance Radar

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The SCANTER 6000 radar series offers superior detection and tracking capabilities of small surface targets and of air targets in the near lower airspace around the vessel. The Surface Surveillance capabilities of the SCANTER 6000 series are ideal for search and rescue operations and law enforcement tasks, e.g. control of illegal immigration, smugglers, and piracy. Thus, the SCANTER 6000 series is a major contributor to the Situational Awareness picture for all types of vessels from Border Police and Patrol Vessels to Frigates.
The SCANTER 6000 series is founded on Terma’s more than 60 years of experience with development of radars for Navies, Coast Guards, and other high-demanding authorities around the world.

The SCANTER 6000 series provides superior surface patrolling capabilities by detecting and tracking small targets from the vessel side and all the way to the radar horizon – delivering uninterrupted, all-weather Surface Surveillance.

The SCANTER 6000 series monitors the near lower airspace around the vessel and is capable of detecting and tracking both propeller and jet aircraft up to 10-15 nmi and up to 6000 ft. altitude providing low airspace monitoring and surveillance.

The SCANTER 6000 series enables the vessel to control a helicopter in its short range operations, allowing for landing control on own ship or at remote locations, significantly increasing the operational capabilities of the vessel.
SEARCH AND RESCUE Objects in distress are in need of immediate help and rely on radar capabilities to track their movement and guide and control the search-and-rescue operation to their location. The SCANTER 6000 series delivers the speed and accuracy needed for mission success. The SCANTER 6000 series’ capability to simultaneously detect small surface targets and control and track helicopters makes the SCANTER 6000 series extremely well-suited for search-and-rescue operations.

Integrated with Terma’s C-Flex Command & Control (C2) system, search-and-rescue operations can be performed much more effectively due to standard search patterns, such as expanding square, parallel track, sector survey, etc., and with individual settings of search width, search speed, etc. depending on weather conditions.

The SCANTER 6000 series protects naval platforms through constant threat evaluation for timely detection of approaching threats. Threat indication maximizes the time available for proper assessment, decision, and possible engagement of the approaching threat. The SCANTER 6000 series is seamlessly integrated with C-Guard, Terma’s mission proven Soft Kill Weapon System (SKWS), protecting naval platforms against coordinated multi-threat / multidirectional attacks by missiles and torpedoes.

For additional protection of naval platforms, the SCANTER 6000 series offers a variety of self-protection techniques (ECCM), e.g. Frequency Diversity, Reduced power in sectors, PRF stagger, and (optional) Frequency Agility.

The SCANTER 6000 series outperforms current high-end navigation radars in all areas on simultaneous detection at short, medium, and long range.

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