We show the way

We are specialists in design and manufacturing of visual aids to navigation. Sabik Marine is a part of Carmanah Technologies Corporation and has headquarters in Finland. Other offices are located in UK and Singapore. Together with our representative offices in Canada, Germany and Russia and our global distribution network we are ready to serve our customers in all longitudes and latitudes.

Sabik Marine manufactures high-quality products to aid visual navigation on the sea, on the roads as well as in the railways. Our product range consists of a wide selection of high performance optical lanterns and signals which can easily be tailored to meet customized needs. All of our lanterns are adapted to remote monitoring and control.

With more than 30 years of experience Sabik Marine has been delivering products and services for nearly every country in the world.

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Marking Offshore Wind Farms
SABIK is the specialist in marine aids to navigation solutions for offshore wind farms. Through years of developing marking systems in the Baltic and North Seas, we provide high-quality systems and services that meet the increasing requirements for safety and efficiency, protecting your investment from the very start. With our NAi (Navigational Aids Interface) product range we offer a unique and innovative marking solution for all wind project types.

LightGuard AIS
The LightGuard AIS (LGA) unit is a fully compliant AIS transponder suitable for all aids to navigation installations. Housed in a rugged triple protected housing suitable for the harsh marine environment, it can be deployed on exposed location on buoys and fixed structures. The unit comes with GPS antenna integrated in the housing but an external GPS antenna can be connected if required.


Marine Lanterns LO 200H
The LO 200H signal is designed to be used as a long range directional light, a port entry signal or a lock traffic signal where long range and high visibility are required. Thanks to the high luminous output, this light can also be used in applications requiring daytime visibility. The lantern housing forms a solid single-piece heat sink for the high power LEDs, offering the best possible thermal management and ensuring a long lifetime.

Self-contained HBL 110
HBL 110 is a robust lantern with an outer polycarbonate cover to be used integrated into buoy applications. It has a unique hybrid system including a solar panel and an integrated rechargeable battery. During the dark winter months an alkaline battery is used as a backup. This hybrid solution also saves time and money as batteries can be changed less often and there is less need for maintenance visits. This lantern has very low power consumption and is equipped with GPS synchronization. LightGuard remote monitoring can be added as an option and advanced Bluetooth® Control app is also available for android and iOS mobile phones.