NAUTIS Maritime Simulator

Naval training applications

The NAUTIS Naval Simulator contains a content and functionality package specifically designed to meet navigation and seamanship training requirements of navies and coast guards. It is suited for ship handling, navigation and tactical communications including radio, signal flags and morse communications training.

Simulator description
The simulator provides options to train for seamanship operations unique to the naval industry. These include procedures such as USV operations, replenishment at sea, formation steaming, helo flight deck operations, amphibious landings, plane guard or lifeguard station manoeuvring and emergency response procedures. Furthermore, trainees can be educated with regards to collision avoidance regulations, navigation planning and execution, anti-piracy training, and special evolutions such as RAS, Flight Ops, DIVTACS, Amphib Ops and more. Any desired scenario can be built in order to make your simulator training as realistic as possible.

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